Organization of Congresses


Permanent Secretariats


Management of registrations and papers


More than 200 congresses organized since 1984, with attendances varying between 50 and 4000 participants.

Prof. Dr. Alvaro Luongo, President of the Organizing Committee of the 1st. ALATRO Latin American Congress of 2007, said "trust and safety of staff" were the reasons for which they decided to work with Easy Planners. The "dedication and the feeling that our event is unique" were two high lights of this experience.

Luongo, who will organize in May 2010 a new congress with Easy Planners said that ALATRO Latin American Congress of 2007 was successful in economic terms and also "achieve the expectations of the organizing committee and the the Congress committee as well."


"I made some queries on the Internet and finally requested an interview with Easy Planners. " So Dr. Lucia Lewowicz contacted our company with the aim of deciding who will organize the VI International Congress of the AFICH.

Then "after the first interview I immediately fell confortable  with the Director and some of his colleagues " Easy Planners was chosen for the task. She remember  that Easy Planners "had always realistic and optimistic perspective of the event, to our utter inexperience and lack of resources. Can you ask for more?". Considered "excellent" outcome of the event and was "at least so far, the best event organized by us.